About Damien Raphael

“I dream in these other realm-type landscapes. These flowers that I do have a celestial appearance to them. When I dream of these places they’re not exactly space, but some sort of multiverse or multidimensional place.”

Images of celestial gardens became a focal point of inspiration for these uniquely abstract "garden-scapes."

His collection is filled with whimsical plant life drawn from an ever-learning inner psyche. Arriving as dreams where colors and fantasy are intertwined with reality, Raphael’s art is rendered without start and without end, implying perhaps a glimpse into the infinite.

“The paintings have sort of beginnings of the universe for me, lots of collisions with colors, like the forming of new stars and planets. Death and rebirth. A lot of my art contains not just flowers but other life forms and the future of my art holds new concepts in the realm of sculpture that will be of these extra terrestrial life forms.”

Some of Raphael’s strong supplemental influences include artists such as Jeff Koons, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Wassily Kandinsky, and Joan Miro. They have all been important ingredients in helping him to develop his distinctive style.

Raphael was also highly influenced by his mother Anne Candee, who was his first, and perhaps, greatest influence in understanding all that is good in himself and how to use that as a tool to understand, appreciate, and respect art. She is a major part of the story that continues to unfold.

Customer Reviews

My morning starts with seeing my painting titled Celestial Escape, it always inspires me to take on the day.

Lance B

I found you on Instagram hashtag for the love of art. I very much love your art, it brings peace in my chaotic life. All my friends who see your painting are equally impressed. Your Fan Always.

Debra W

Your paintings always remind me of dreamlike landscapes. They all have a Serene quality about them. I’m sure your mom must be looking down and feeling good that you took her advice. You certainly have a gift.

Alycia A

The first time I saw your work was at a group show in Manhattan. I thought it was done by a famous artist, After checking you out online and reading your bio. I became emotionally invested in you. I couldn’t afford the painting you had up. But I’m happy with the online purchase I made months later. I see new things in that painting every time I look at it.

Marilyn J

I call it my window of heaven, Those flowers evoke a kind of peace and tranquillity for my life. I’ve experienced a lot of loss in my life, both family and very close friends. This brings so much grace in my life. God Bless you my friend

Jordan G